The Lady Elf’s Delimma

Someone wants her dead and her dowry and it is not her betrothed.

Being the sole survivor of a suspicious shipwreck, Hallys saf Dremyn has been hidden away from her homeland and sent to Los Angeles in 1843. But the elf bent on her destruction has sent an assassin to make sure she does not escape again.

Dalmial sath Gresna has led a life of adventure and intrigue in the service of the Silent Watch. Now assigned to protect the beautiful she-elf, he finds himself falling in love with a lady whose station is far above his and he dares not dream of a match.

But death stalks Hallys. Can he protect her and his heart too?


My Daughter’s Best Friend is a Troll

My Daughter's Best Friend is a TrollMy 15-year-old daughter Jennifer’s best friend is a troll. I’m not joking. Tranyt is a real honest-to-goodness troll. Despite her appearance and size, she’s nice. Actually, a bit shy. Okay, until you get her into a boulder-tossing competition, then – duck! Since her parents’ death, and without other family, she’s been bounced from one foster home to another until I finally said “enough.” She now lives with us.

You would think as it’s been over three years since the dimensional rip opened between our world and the fantastical world of Beyond which allowed all kinds of supernatural beings to live among us, things have settled and life is normal. But, no. Recently, a number of businesses owned by trolls have been vandalized and the harassment is escalating. Suddenly, an elderly female troll has shown up at my house and claims to be Tranyt’s grandmother.

I wonder if the rumor Tranyt’s parents discovered the Lost Dutchman gold mine might be the reason behind all this.

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I Swear My Roommate Is a Vampire

Pageflex Persona [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Ever declare bankruptcy? Don’t. It sucks…. Okay, really bad joke. Anyway, after my bankruptcy, my home equity line payment took a jump into the ozone layer and I needed extra money, fast. So, I decided it was time for a roommate.

After screening lots of potential candidates (let me tell you, what a real life horror story that was), I became desperate and did something I never thought I’d ever do. I rented my master suite to a vampire.

I know, what you’re thinking: Dracula, fangs, blood, hot, sexy, the whole package. Well, this one’s different. He’s the perfect renter—quiet, neat, tidy, pays on time. In fact he reminds me of my high school algebra teacher.

All was going well, until things started to happen—nasty things. Apparently, not everyone likes vampires and has no intention of letting people live and let live. Especially with a human as a roommate.u

Reality…. Now that really bites!

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The Elf Lord’s Revenge

The Elf Lord's RevengeHe lost everyone he loved to an assassin. Will Emma be next?

It is 1843. Immortal elf Allydan sath Nulan has returned from his travels to his estate in Alta California only to find his home and family destroyed. Related to the ruling family in the elvish homeland of Aelynghyst, Allydan, as the last of his line, must discover the killer before he, too, is murdered.

Into his life falls Emma Treadburn, a human woman at the end of her rope. Tired of being forced to pay off her father’s debts by working for the local haberdasher who thinks he’s entitled to enjoy Emma’s charms, she decides to strike out on her own.

A terrible wagon accident brings the two of them together. But can the scholarly healer allow himself to fall in love with a human while trying to find a murderer?

And can Emma reconcile her heart to love an otherworldly elf?

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