Who do you think here would make a good-looking elf?

Well, I just got to thinking—there are quite a few terribly good-looking actors out there who might just make really good-looking elves…. Not everyone can pull off looking ethereal and thoughtful with just that perfect touch of kick ass no nonsense look in their eyes. And look gorgeous in some serious long hair and pointed ears.
So I picked a couple:


First, we have Zachary Quinto who already makes a pretty fey Mr. Spock. And we know he can handle the pointed ears!


Or how about  the luscious Henry Cavill, already in costume here and with a start on long hair. He’s currently flying through the summer air as Superman.


Oh, and last but definitely not least, the eternally hunkalicious Antonio Banderas…awesomeness personified. Que esta un zorro!

Let me know by comment what you think! And perhaps you have your own ideas!  And I’ll  be delighted to gift one lucky commentator with a download of my digital book, “The Elf Lord’s Revenge.”!

Why I Love the Elves

The elves have always been for me elusive, compelling beauties. Human-like but with that something extra that makes them attractive.

Magic! (and usually extremely good looks). J

A cut above the usual rugged, square-jawed stubble-graced hero.

I like them because they are mysterious, rather aloof and powerful. But they can be kind and funny and kick-butt warriors when the need arises. And yes, of course, a lot of this is based on Tolkien’s description of them. And even more, on how Peter Jackson pictured them.

In my writing, I am kind of wussy because the larger-than-life, buff and leather -clad werewolves and vampires are attractive in a midnight alley kind of way…But I admit here and now, I am awfully fond of nice people. Not disembowellers, or throat rippers or ones who might literally take a bit out of you and then leave you bleeding to death—and available as fresh vampire chow.

Those writers who can write larger than life horrors and situations that make your hair fall out and run screaming into the night are awesome (Who doesn’t love Maggie Shayne, Kerrelyn Sparks or Christine Feehan?). But when all is said and done, as a writer I am one of those who like the quiet and last-minute, from -whom-you-least-expect-it rescues. My elves will be alpha but not usually in a dominating I-am-your-master sort of way. There will be more of a Regency approach than a back alley one with my heroes.

So what I’ll be offering is more of a “cozy” hero in my romances!  Along with fantasy and some sex, too.

The kind of heroes I am fond of are not what they seem…The Count of Monte Cristo, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Captain Blood, Zorro, even ol’ Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. My kind of guys.  Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent can obviously kick butt with the best of them, but I love the mixture of kindness and power.

So this is why I am here and this is the kind of thing I am likely to write—well at least if the last four books I have scribbled is any indication.

Stay tuned for my fantasy romance and the first in my elvish series: “The Elf Lord’s Revenge” set in 1843 Altadena, Alta California.

A little walk on the fantasy side!