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Fantasy lovers!  Those who love the elves! I’m having a give away on Goodreads on my author page!

I’m giving away five copies of my book (either e-book or physical book) In hopes you will give me the much needed ..REVIEW


Writing Is My Life Now

I proofed and reproofed my manuscript with the much needed help and extreme patience and expertise of Carol Webb of Bella Media Management.

You stare at sentences and say yes—that makes sense–when wait!! It refers to something in a previous incarnation of your story and applies to nothing currently in your manuscript! Dang!! And how many times did you stare at that? And others stared at it?

Or you get your time line mixed up: “No she’s supposed to die today not tomorrow!! Quick: delete delete delete!

Its just dumbfounding the continuity errors discovered….

So–now—I am taking a deep breath and taking a big swallow of my new favorite liquid— fluffy marshmallow flavored vodka (do they serve it in bars with tiny marshmallows on a toothpick?) and relaxing for just a tiny bit. I mean I have to get ready to savor those dozens and dozens of dollars I’m going to make.

Anyway–what a process!

And I get to start it ALL over again with the second book in the series—The Elf Lord’s Secret…coming, well…soon. Real soon…in a couple of months! It’s done, basically. All I  have to do is rewrite it!!

Anyway…Thanks for taking the time to check this out and I do hope you enjoy The Elf Lord’s Revenge—at last available in book form!

My book is now available!

Check out your favorite ePub of choice and look up The Elf Lord’s Revenge by moi…Arabella Thorne…..a mere $2.99 takes it away!  It’s got elves and historical California and romance and sex and magic and …drama etc! Don’t hesitate to leave a review!


So I am about to release my book…I love the way it looks and it is going to be so astounding to finally see me published! and if you can’t wait–go on over to FanFiction.net and see the latest Elrond tale from Arabella Thorne!

So, do you think there’s room for cozy fantasy?

I just finished reading Mercedes Lackey’s novel “The Snow Queen.” It was a satisfying enjoyable fantasy set in her 500 Kingdoms universe.

When I grow up I want to be author with her sensibilities!

Why she is so satisfying is because the story, though fraught with trials, dangers and nasty evils, all ends well. It’s the choices she makes as an author that I like. She could torture her heroes and heroines mercilessly and have them exhausted, wounded and a shadow of their former selves at the end—along with a terribly altered world to live in…or she can tidy up all the loose ends and have it end happily for everyone—even the evil sorceress who has been the bane of everyone’s existence in this particular novel.

(And yes I am more than aware of her Diana Tregarde tales—there she gets her dark side ya-yas out)

I would strive to write in a similar fashion. (I have dark side ya-yas as everyone has—but I only dump them out in my writing occasionally).

I like it when the author solves the plot without overwhelming horror or viciousness. It is especially distressing to me when children are the center of the horror since they are easy, vulnerable victims. Granted–I like a Keri Arthur novel every now and again, as well as Sherrilyn Kenyon. But I must admit a story where the author can decide to make it even darker at every turn, or hold out a crumb of hope at every turn—I go for the hope every time.

I want my happily ever after across the board. (Should I be writing for Harlequin, then?)

I know, I know terribly wussy. But I find it really satisfying. The world is full of horrors and explosions and abuse and horrible death. When an author can decide to be a bit more tender and kind…it warms the cockles of my heart.

Am I just being an old lady? A wimp author? Maybe I’m trying to write cozy fantasy–where there’s problems and obstacles but its all a bit less overwhelming.

So: What do you find satisfying when you read a novel? IS there a place for cozy fantasies? Where you are not bitch-slapped with violence and horror at every turn? What kind of approach do you find the most satisfying at the end?

Why I Love the Elves

The elves have always been for me elusive, compelling beauties. Human-like but with that something extra that makes them attractive.

Magic! (and usually extremely good looks). J

A cut above the usual rugged, square-jawed stubble-graced hero.

I like them because they are mysterious, rather aloof and powerful. But they can be kind and funny and kick-butt warriors when the need arises. And yes, of course, a lot of this is based on Tolkien’s description of them. And even more, on how Peter Jackson pictured them.

In my writing, I am kind of wussy because the larger-than-life, buff and leather -clad werewolves and vampires are attractive in a midnight alley kind of way…But I admit here and now, I am awfully fond of nice people. Not disembowellers, or throat rippers or ones who might literally take a bit out of you and then leave you bleeding to death—and available as fresh vampire chow.

Those writers who can write larger than life horrors and situations that make your hair fall out and run screaming into the night are awesome (Who doesn’t love Maggie Shayne, Kerrelyn Sparks or Christine Feehan?). But when all is said and done, as a writer I am one of those who like the quiet and last-minute, from -whom-you-least-expect-it rescues. My elves will be alpha but not usually in a dominating I-am-your-master sort of way. There will be more of a Regency approach than a back alley one with my heroes.

So what I’ll be offering is more of a “cozy” hero in my romances!  Along with fantasy and some sex, too.

The kind of heroes I am fond of are not what they seem…The Count of Monte Cristo, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Captain Blood, Zorro, even ol’ Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. My kind of guys.  Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent can obviously kick butt with the best of them, but I love the mixture of kindness and power.

So this is why I am here and this is the kind of thing I am likely to write—well at least if the last four books I have scribbled is any indication.

Stay tuned for my fantasy romance and the first in my elvish series: “The Elf Lord’s Revenge” set in 1843 Altadena, Alta California.

A little walk on the fantasy side!