Fragment Friday—A little snippet from The Elf Lord’s Revenge—from the first chapter

Pageflex Persona [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Allydan pulled up Rhean and leapt off his horse. He ran towards the accident, following the sound of the thrashing horse and snapping wood. A woman screamed just as Allydan reached the edge of the rushing water. The cart horse had gotten loose from its traces and now laboriously climbed up the bank, dragging bits of broken wood and leather. The woman from the road struggled in the wreckage of the wagon, pulling things out and tossing them aside.   Allydan began to slide down the bank to reach her.

“There’s a baby in here!” She clutched a basket to her chest.

Just then, a sharp crack ripped through the air: The wagon began to break up and the vicious current dragged it from the canal bank.

*    *    *

Lightning hissed above her and lit the dark sky. Emma blinked to clear her vision. The water rose about her legs as she struggled to keep the basket from the surge of water in the canal.

She threw herself to the closest bank and pushed the basket as high as she could.  Suddenly the weight in her hands disappeared.

“I’ve dropped it!” Her wet hair in her face made it hard for her to see as she patted the ground beneath her hands and pushed against the piece of wagon beneath her feet. She slipped and a searing pain burned through her lower left leg caused by what felt like a jagged piece of broken wood. Where did the man go?