A Hero Will Keep You Warm All Night Long!

Well–What’s a cold winter night without the warm cuddle of someone you love? Between the pages, a hero who’s hot will keep you warm all night….

The hero of “The Elf Lord’s Revenge,” Allydan sath Nulan is an immortal elf, a scholar, a healer—and not too bad with a sword. He takes on the assailant who destroyed his family and home (while he was out traveling the world.) in 1843 Alta California.
And like all heroes, this hero has a heroine, the feisty Emma Treadburn who falls into his life, helps Allydan overcome his tragedy and bring out the hot hero inside!

And if elves are not your cup of wonder–There’s always my cozy vampire novella “I Swear My Roommate is A Vampire—93 pages of sheer vampire coziness!

Just the thing for warming up!

So come on—delve into the tales of other heroes here on the “Winter Wonderman” BSexy athletic bodylog Hop!

For one lucky commenter I will offer a free digital copy of “The Elf Lord’s Revenge”
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Now a Sweet Vampire Novella for Halloween


Welcome! This is my latest offering just in time for Halloween!

Ever declare bankruptcy? Don’t. It sucks…. Okay, really bad joke. Anyway, after my bankruptcy, my home equity line payment took a jump into the ozone layer and I needed extra money, fast. So, I decided it was time for a roommate.

After screening lots of potential candidates (let me tell you, what a real life horror story that was), I became desperate and did something I never thought I’d ever do. I rented my master suite to a vampire.

I know, what you’re thinking: Dracula, fangs, blood, hot, sexy, the whole package. Well, this one’s different. He’s the perfect renter—quiet, neat, tidy, pays on time. In fact he reminds me of my high school algebra teacher.

All was going well, until things started to happen—nasty things. Apparently, not everyone likes vampires and has no intention of letting people live and let live. Especially with a human as a roommate.

Reality…. Now that really bites!

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One lucky commenter will win a ten dollar Amazon gift card as well as a copy of the novella in the format of their choice! Two other commenters will win just a copy of the novella in the format of their choice!



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A big Elvish Shout out to my winners! I shall be contacting you privately!

Thanks so much for making my first blog hop the great fun it was. Thanks to those who took the time to give a newbie a glance…and stay tuned as I have a contemporary vampire novella coming soon!

I hope to see you at another blog hop soon!


Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop

Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop


It is 1843 in Altadena, Alta California (what they called the state of California before it joined the U.S.).

Allydan sath Nulan is hot because he’s an…elf!  He is 6’ 3”, with long, long dark hair, almost waist length (the better to run your hands through!) A sharp nose and piercing gray eyes….he’s a dead ringer for an elf from Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Ring” film series.

Allydan (pronounced AL..adin) is a scholar, a healer and a kickbutt warrior/magic user when necessary. He knows his way around a sword.

And though heir to the ruling family of his native elvish homeland Aelynghyst, he falls for a human woman!

Emma Treadburn has had it with the downward spiral of her life. A terrible wagon accident occurs and brings these two together.

Allydan saves her, while she is saving a baby from the wreckage of the wagon in a deep irrigation canal.

And then unexpectedly for both of them, love blossoms.

But there is a murderer out there, who has already destroyed Allydan’s family.

Will he and Emma be next!!

Please leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a contest for a 10 dollar gift card from Starbucks or Amazon!

If you click “like” for my website…three lucky random people will get a copy of my book in either e-format or hardcopy!!

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A Giveaway!

Fantasy lovers!  Those who love the elves! I’m having a give away on Goodreads on my author page!

I’m giving away five copies of my book (either e-book or physical book) In hopes you will give me the much needed ..REVIEW


So I am about to release my book…I love the way it looks and it is going to be so astounding to finally see me published! and if you can’t wait–go on over to and see the latest Elrond tale from Arabella Thorne!