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Who do you think here would make a good-looking elf?

Well, I just got to thinking—there are quite a few terribly good-looking actors out there who might just make really good-looking elves…. Not everyone can pull off looking ethereal and thoughtful with just that perfect touch of kick ass no nonsense look in their eyes. And look gorgeous in some serious long hair and pointed ears.
So I picked a couple:


First, we have Zachary Quinto who already makes a pretty fey Mr. Spock. And we know he can handle the pointed ears!


Or how about  the luscious Henry Cavill, already in costume here and with a start on long hair. He’s currently flying through the summer air as Superman.


Oh, and last but definitely not least, the eternally hunkalicious Antonio Banderas…awesomeness personified. Que esta un zorro!

Let me know by comment what you think! And perhaps you have your own ideas!  And I’ll  be delighted to gift one lucky commentator with a download of my digital book, “The Elf Lord’s Revenge.”!